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TBD: Ancelus DB - the only nanosecond database  

The Internet of Things holds great promise for reducing business operating cost, speeding data collection and enabling new business processes.  But there are traps.

Learn the four concepts that will keep you between the lines.  Since no one knows how this will evolve you will need to deploy a flexible platform based approach (as recommended by Gartner) that protects IT investment and supports the kind of growth predicted for this critical infrastructure.

Or you could just wait and see how it plays out.  Of course that usually leads to competitors getting the jump. 

 It doesn't need to be high risk or high cost.  But only if you get the fundamentals right.



TBD - RT3: Real-time Route, Track and Trace: Ancelus-based RT3 launches a revolution in manufacturing. Instant visibility of the physical reality of operations coupled with new decision support insights deliver a new and focused operations cultural. Return on Capacity performance metrics delivers insights never before possible for customer and product value.  Resource utilization and factory velocity soar.  Delivery problems evaporate.  Quality issues drop.  That drives profit. 

Advanced Planning and Scheduling isn't enough.  Dynamic capacity management changes how you will view resource and material planning forever.  Stop living within constraints.  Anticipate and eliminate.

Proven methods deliver rapid improvement in on-time delivery, quality and profit.

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