Time Compression Strategies


Large, complex, extreme performance systems no longer require extreme investments.  Whether it's the explosion of data sources from the Internet of Things, the complexity of n-dimensional streaming analytics in retail, or a more competitive business vision. Speed, scaleability and complexity are now within the reach of any business.  

Our award-winning manufacturing, supply-chain and telecom systems are just a few examples.  A revolution is now forming in big data analytics, retail category management, cyber-security, health care and more.

These innovative methods are centered on our obsession: Competing with time.  The new business methods made possible by these systems transform every measure of performance and deliver new paths to profitability.

Powered by the patented Ancelus database, we break out of the half-century-old data management model. Using nanosecond latency, faster design, live modification, simplified structures and extreme reliability to dramatically lower costs, transform the definition of success.  More here...

Check out what Bloor Research thought of our approach.  Bloor Research White Paper on Ancelus.    

And check our latest benchmarks HERE.

When you're ready to improve performance, there's a new option.  Get beyond automating admin and transform operations.  Learn what the next 50 years will look like.

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