Time Compression Strategies


Large, complex, extreme performance systems no longer require extreme investments.  Whether it's the explosion of data sources from the Internet of Things, the complexity of n-dimensional streaming analytics in retail, or a more competitive business vision. Speed, scale and complexity are now within the reach of any business.  

Our award-winning manufacturing, supply-chain and telecom systems are just a few examples.  A revolution is now forming in big data analytics, retail category management, cyber-security, health care and more.

These innovative methods are centered on our obsession: Competing with time.  The new business methods made possible by these systems transform every measure of performance and deliver new paths to profitability.

Powered by the patented Ancelus database, we break out of the half-century-old data management model. Using nanosecond latency, screaming search, faster deployment, zero-downtime maintenance, and extreme reliability to dramatically lower costs, transform the definition of success.  More here...

Check out what Bloor Research thought of our approach.  Bloor Research White Paper on Ancelus.    

When you're ready to improve performance, there's a new option.  Get beyond automating admin and transform operations.  Learn what the next 50 years will look like.  We can show you the vision, and deliver actual results.

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Below we offer some examples of how we change application architectures to help you re-think how your business could run.

The New Supply Chain Vision

After 25 years and $10s of billions invested in supply chain software, the performance is now worse than 1992.  How bad?  Download the first paper to see the real measures. 

Supply Chain #1: Performance Erosion. A quantitative analysis of the durable goods supply chain - 1992 thru 2017.

To understand the causes and cures, check out paper number 2. The combination of ERP-integrated SCM systems, coupled with the application of Lean Manufacturing communication principles outside the factory, and you have a perfect storm.  These investments reduced apparent administrative costs, but did nothing to change the physics.  The chase for ever lower costs led to operating models that gnaw at the velocity of supply chains.  If you must pick between velocity and low cost, pick velocity.  

Supply Chain #2: New Vision for Supply Chain Operations   Analysis of the primary causes, and proposed cures for the issues in supply chain operations.

Big Data Analytics Needs to Move Over. IoT Will Swamp the Current Approach

The Six Sigma movement was originally about process control.  It has evolved into a training practice for problem solving methods. Since its origin in 1986 it has lost sight of the original goals and shifted into simple defect root cause analysis.  This method is mathematically limited to about 1.5 sigma in overall performance.  Batch analytics after the fact suffers from similar limitations.  From the moment your process mis-behaves, how long can you wait to know?  Big data promised sophisticated analysis, but it starts with "first get all the data."  But you can't have all the data until after it's over.  You can know now, or you can know for certain, not both.  Now is more important.

The reason for the shift is that the alternative has always been hard.  With the introduction of A3: Ancelus Adaprive Analytics it is now possible to automate the worst of the data flood needed to consistently operate at Six Sigma levels of process performance. One million statistical operations per second let's you find the needle in fractions of a second, not after weeks of analysis.

How to Avoid the Collision of IoT and Big Data



Pricing Models for Manufactured Products

The traditional strategy for setting prices usually results in badly compromised profits.  Retail pricing strategies are not appropriate in manufacturing. The idea of cost plus a reasonable markup comes from accounting observations that if volume increases profit increases.  Rarely true in discrete manufacturing.  Learn how to rethink what you sell, what customers buy, and adapt prices to serve your best (read profitable) customers. Hint: it has nothing to do with gross margin.

Pricing for Manufacturers.  Coming Soon 

Telecom Applications

Extreme High Speed Switching With Ring Buffers

High Speed Call Qualification at Cell Towers on Mail-order Hardware.

Streaming Consolidation of Billing Records in Real-time.

Ancelus Database: The Breakthrough That Makes it all Possible

If your current technology stack is the factor that limits the imagination of your staff, it's time to start the migration.  Ancelus emerged from the observation that the current stack was preventing us from achieving the vision of high velocity supply chains.  It even suppressed the attempt to do innovative things because classically trained specialists held that "everyone knows you can't do that."  Until now you needed to live inside the limits of the stack.  No longer.

Formalized database management at speeds no one thought possible, with complexity no one thought possible, with scaling to sizes no one thought possible.  And still most refuse to believe even after the demo.  

Ancelus Benchmarks.  Described by one senior analyst as "staggering." No other data management system comes close to AncelusDB. 

ADIS Module: The Ancelus Direct Index Server allows you to by-pass the single queue model of inherent in most OS + TCP/IP technologies.  You can now achieve multi-threaded, multi-queue, data interfaces without the need to change the OS or network stack.  And when directly coupled to an Ancelus database as the repository you will see what happens when you can run parallel streams at memory buss rates. 

Ancelus Integration into SQL applications is straightforward.  If you use the Ancelus to handle very complex data structures, you can use Threaded Query Language to get queries back into the SQL world.  TQL queries are created in a point-and-click GUI and stored as XML, so they can be directly inserted as a string into the SQL code base to execute Ancelus queries.  The rest of your code remains untouched.

The development of the Ancelus application add-on module is also straightforward.  The Entity Relation Diagram is the Ancelus schema.  No transforms, no tuning, no surprises. Draw the ERD, type it in, turn it on.

A Radical New Search Engine

Search performance in a radical new paradigm.  Stream into a billion-record sorted list, in sorted order, in microseconds, on a slightly above average desktop.  Now obsolete: The concept of post-process sorting to allow quick lookup.  Now Obsolete: Sharding the database to achieve parallel processing is officially relegated to the 1960s when it originated.  It's not about how fast you can sort, it's about how soon you can query. You can't blink your eye as fast as Ancelus. Insert one new data element, instantly search or query. 

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