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Geopolitical security consultants in prevention and recovery.

Hazelwood Street Consultants



Cornerstone Integration, Inc

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We are pleased to announce that our established-but-informal partnership with Cornerstone has become formal.  We are already tapping their expertise with chip level architecture and low level security to stretch the capabilities of the Ancelus database.  We've long joked that we write systems that you solder to the backplane of the computer.  These guys know where to solder it to the chip!  Emerging from this partnership is the expanding set of new industry records being set on the Intel Broadwell server.  Keep an eye on the Ancelus Blog for the latest.



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Stimulus Systems Inc. (SSI) is the first application developer to receive Advanced Ancelus Certification.  AAC includes training in Ancelus development, rapid SQL conversion, MPP deployment, and high performance systems. 

SSI is focused on application software development based exclusively on the record setting Ancelus database.



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