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The Ancelus Revolution has Started!

Ancelus introduces the first new theory of data management in 50 years.  It's the patented third-generation system from the team that invented the in-memory database in 1986. By eliminating the entire concept of "structured data storage" Ancelus strips performance limitations from every application.  And new application designs are emerging that were never considered possible.  

Combined with Threaded Query Language (TQL), Ancelus supports both rapid development and extreme execution speed. 

Big Data is overhauled with embedded executable procedures, streaming statistics, multiple live schemas and dynamic revision.  A3:Ancelus Adaptive Analytics changes how data scientists will develop, detect and deliver the intelligence deeply obscured in the tsunami of raw data from the Internet of Things.  And the emerging Big Data crisis is averted. 

 Bloor Research White Paper  See what London-based Bloor Research had to say about Ancelus.  Hint "...these are staggering [benchmark] numbers."

Speed:  Fastest available; fastest possible. The quantum limit of data management. Constant read/write latency under 100 nanosecond regardless of size (up to 32 EB). Stream into 32 fields at 256 million transactions per second on a single 4 socket server.

Complexity Tamed: Multi-key tables.  Multiple schema's in a single database. Nested lists, recursive lists. Integrated multiple views.  If you can draw the entity relationship diagram, Ancelus accepts it directly.  No transforms or performance compromise.  Temporary schema's allow experimental analysis without reloading data. 

Throughput - 3 Table Join: 4.6 billion TPM on a single $8,000 mail-order server. Billion row main table.

Search: Billion row search, 4.1 microsecond. Add 1.1 microsec for each 10X DB size. Binary tree always balanced.

Non-Stop Operation: No downtime for re-index, binary tree re-balance, column compress, data refresh, data archive, schema change or extending the database.

Scale: Ancelus offers a single logical image up to 32 EB and 10's of thousands of users.  No need to shard or distribute the database in large applications.

Lean:  No data duplication or sparse matrix. Reduces dataset size by up to 20X. True dataspace utilization of 85% vs. 4% typical for traditional systems, 2% for big data.

Fast Development:  Eliminates 15 DBA tasks including normalization.  Ancelus is 100% normalized and 100% de-normalized at the same time.

ACID Compliance: Only Ancelus delivers "Always-On" ACID compliance.  No option to turn it off.  All benchmarks are ACID compliant.  No performance hit. 

True Real-Time: It's not only how fast you can insert.  It's how soon you can query!  100 nanoseconds is a lot faster than you can blink.

Referential Integrity Checking: Always on, no option to turn it off.  All benchmarks are quoted with referential integrity on.

Reliability: 24x800 high-volume manufacturing with zero faults. Telecom engineer: "Carrier grade software runs forever."

Security: Unique random key for each data element, no stored key (some performance penalty).  Field level credential control.

Operational and Analytics in a single system: Stream in and complex query at the same time.  Stream and query against different schemas.


Big Data no longer requires retro solutions!


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