Consulting and Services: The best technology combined with in-depth experience produces best practice. New ways to measure operations, standardized best-practices for quick improvement, practical experience to get the team in synch. The TCS management team came from the world of real manufacturing. Practical approaches built on decades of measured behavior of real factories.

To expand the reach of Ancelus delivery TCS has partnered with leading development organizations to provide special expertise in vertical markets beyond our own in-house capabilities.  By adding senior business process consultants and experienced project managers to our team we can now take your vision from first-sketch to operational hand-off. 

  • Business process evaluation and remapping
  • Restructure information from existing systems
  • Application development design and development
  • Implementation services
  • Support, training

New technology creates opportunity, but it’s not a mandate. Automating the old methods doesn’t improve operations. Faster accounting never improves business performance. Customers aren’t impressed with the precision of your accounting.

Real performance improvement requires the integration of best methods with technology. Plus the experience to know what’s practical, what works and what fits your business.

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